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Losing sleep thinking about my next sewing project or staying up till 4:00am to put the finishing touches on a costume – these are the things that tell me I really do love sewing. As a long time Capitol Hill resident, I've always thought there needed to be a fabric store in this wonderfully creative and diverse neighborhood. And not just a regular fabric store, but a place where I can find the fashion fabrics that the chain stores just don't carry. Stitches is that place. It is a place for people to learn new techniques, find inspiration, and meet like-minded people in the process. I've been sewing all my life, starting with outfits for my Barbie dolls to my current favorites: costume design and creating fuzzy animated bicycles. Through my store I hope to introduce others to the joy that sewing has given me, and they too will be able to say, "I made it myself!"

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Kelly Laubenheimer, Customer Service

I am a self-taught sewer, knitter, embroiderer, needle felter, jewelry maker, painter and self-proclaimed crafter. Any spare moment I have at home I’m working on a new project and can often be seen around town carrying a knitting or embroidery project with me to keep my hands busy. When my hands aren’t busy with a project, I’m putting them to good use with American Sign Language while working in the Deaf-Blind community. I take pleasure in helping others and love sharing new ideas with fellow crafters and artist. Other things I enjoy: my kitties (John and Rita), cooking and baking, a hot cup of good tea, afternoon naps in the sunshine, and walks though the Arboretum.


I am an artistic and creative California-native who migrated to Seattle in 2008!  I've dabbled in a wide variety of arts and crafts since I was a kid, but in the last few years I have focused mostly on sewing, knitting, crocheting, and photography.  I am primarily self-taught, and I thrive on challenging myself and learning new things.  I also have what's called a "crafty problem."  One of the reasons I started working at Stitches is because I would end up there just about every-other day -- excited by some new idea, on a quest for fabric, or in a frenzy looking for the right size needle (or bobbing, or button, or zipper, etc) -- and think it started to look like I belonged there.  Now I get to help you with all your "crafty problems" too!  I love answering your questions, coming up with ideas, sharing projects, and helping you problem-solve!  Other things I love and enjoy:  cooking, baking, lake-swimming, succulents, my pet turtle, horror movies, reading, gin, vintage, and a really good cup of hot black coffee.


Casey is a Seattle native and a graduate of the New York Fashion Academy. He has over twenty years of sewing experience and strives to make every sewing class informative and fun. Outside the Stitches classroom, he produces his own line of clothing, creates custom garments, and offers design and manufacturing services from his studio in Madison Valley.

Katie Beth, Customer Service

Heyo! I am a full-time university student, majoring in Theatre Arts with a minor in Business Administration, and an avid performing and creative artist. My love for tactile crafting came from my involvement in the Girl Scouts and now, as a Lifetime Girl Scout and Day Camp Program Leader I am able to pass my love of the arts to younger girls. I have tried my hand at knitting, crochet, lanyards, and basic sewing. I absolutely love cross-stitch and have now expanded into creating my own patterns. I am also always eager to learn new skills. I am a big supporter of creativity at any age and, although I am still learning many skills myself, I am always eager to try and answer any questions you may have! Other things I enjoy include: cupcakes, acrylic painting, movies, espresso, fun hair dyes, BuzzFeed, musical theatre, and a proper English cuppa.